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Toddlers Gone Wild
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9th-Oct-2008 09:41 pm - Roo the Red
AAAA Fizz Gig
I'm blanking on which day this week he did this to me...

He was trying to get something off of a table out from under a pile of papers. I went to help him. He yelled at me. Then he said "54321" counting that quickly, and started smacking my backside with both of his hands.

I'm like ????

Then I realized that he had counted like I do - I start at 5 and go backwards because when I get to 1 there is no where else to go. I will smack a hand or do a quick diaper swack to let him know I mean business to get him to stop doing something he isn't supposed to be doing, but I don't HIT him.

Its that whole - you'd better follow up - thing.

So he counted and then he spanked me because I was doing something he didn't want me to, which was help him. He wanted to do it himself.

Guess I was told!

Its funny - I laughed later - but once it dawned on me what he was doing - I didn't let on and give him a clue - I don't want to encourage that behavior from a soon to be 3 year old.

But it was darned funny!
25th-Sep-2008 01:01 pm - Thou Shalt Not Kill
Have you ever been so angry with your child that you have confined them to their room for their own safety? We were there yesterday.

Our son is supposed to be a ring bearer in an upcoming wedding, so I took him for his tuxedo fitting last night. It was an unmitigated disaster. The child screamed, kicked, cried, pitched a fit and ran from me for 25 mintues, much to my horror and embarrassment. And that of the employees and other patrons of the store. They didn't quite know how to react to the scene that we . . . HE . . . caused. Then again, neither did I. In all honesty I've never seen a child in such a fit as mine was last night.

I tried begging. I tried bribery. I tried reasoning. I tried comforting. I tried threats. I tried punishments. I even tried spanking. Nothing would convince that kid to put on the f@$*&ing jacket. I finally picked up the screaming, crying and kicking child and put him into a football hold to carry his ass out of the store, with said child kicking and screaming all the way.

He began an entirely new tantrum when we got to the car. That's when he realized I was serious. DUH!!! It was all I could do not to kill him (or let him go!) when he undid his car seat buckle and tried to get out of the moving car. After I successfully strapped him to the car again, he screamed and angrily kicked my seat for the entire 20 minute drive home. GRRRRRR.

He spent last night in his room for his own safety. He even ate dinner up there. He's also grounded for the next few days - or until he gets fitted for this tux. That means no play dates and no riding his bicycle with friends. That point was driven home last night when one of his favorite friends came by to see if he could play and he had to tell her he was in time out. And when we cancelled our park playdate for this afternoon. And when, in front of him, I advised the mommy of his best friend that he wouldn't be playing for the rest of this week and he had to explain to them why. Grandma even called to talk to him last night and was denied because he's being punished. If that doesn't get his attention, nothing will.

I hope this behavior isn't a foreshadowing of things to come. If he pitches a fit like this at the wedding, I have no doubt that the bride (and the rest of our family) will want to kill him too.

Ain't it fun to be the mama?
AAAA Fizz Gig
1 - I went to the restroom at a favorite restaurant which unfortunately does not have changing areas in the restrooms despite being billed as family friendly. Roo went with me. I pulled down my pants to sit to go potty and he pulled his shorts down and sat on the floor in his diaper.

He refused to go on the potty - he's not really interested yet but this is a first sign! - so after I was done I had his dad bring me the diaper bag and just changed him there on the floor since he already had his pants down anyway...

*giggles* It was cute and funny.

2 - He wanted to open up Grandpa's birthday card. He is a big Blues Clues fan so in his mind "he just got a letter" and he wanted to open it. We often let him open junk mail. Oops!

I caught him and stopped him. He got angry and yelled at me. After yelling at me he huffed and then he stomped out of the room, up the stairs, down the hall and I hear a door slam.

After sitting stunned only a moment I ask his big sister to go check on him. She runs up the stairs and comes back to report he had gone into his room and was "reading" a book. After she left the room to report to me he slammed the door shut behind her.

I was in the middle of a frenzy clean as the INs were coming over for a cookout and my house was trashed - three kids, three cats and a husband - nuf said.

I just could not believe he had done that! This is a two and a half year old (to be 3 in November). Where did he get that from? He has never seen any of us ever do that. Wow.

It was very funny! Not that I laughed to his face. Don't want to encourage that type of behavior but at least he put himself into time out and I had two hours of peace as he sat in his room "reading". His room was fine, except he had taken every book out of his bookshelf.
21st-Aug-2008 06:22 pm - Division of Household Labor
A friend of mine recently posted some questions about the division of household labor. I thought this would be a great forum to get some responses. Here are the questions, with a few of my own thrown in:

+ Are you the mom or the dad?

+ How old are your kid(s) and how many do you have?

+ What are your household responsibilities all the time?

+ What are your partner's responsibilities all the time?

+ What things pretty much fall into the "hey, this needs to be done and my plate is full, yours isn't, you do it" kind of category?

+ How often do you need to remind the other partner of their responsibilites, if at all? If so, how do you do it and how frequently? (i.e., do you provide a "honey do" list, or do you expect them to see what needs to be done? If you make a list, is it daily, weekly, or what?)

+ Does this seem to work for both of you or does one or the other of you wish it would change (and how)?

+ When considering who does what, do you take into account working outside the home vs. working inside the home?

How do you split up the duties within your home? What tasks are your children expected to perform - or at least assist with?
20th-May-2008 11:17 pm - My Roo Funny #2
Roo, who is 2 1/2, likes to help mommy with housework. More specifically - laundry. Even more specifically - throwing laundry down the laundry shoot.

Technically he also likes to sit in full, clean, unfolded laundry, baskets and play while I fold and then he likes to UNFOLD the laundry I just folded. But back to the laundry shoot...

After he throws down all of the laundry, if I don't stop him or see him or catch him, he starts throwing other things down. I have discovered toys - who hasn't, right? I have discovered soap. I have discovered baby wash. I have discovered a box of Q-tips. I have discovered a roll of TP.

My favorite, however, is the most recent which is dirty diapers sitting on top of the pile when I got downstairs to start a load of laundry this morning.

I guess he just figures everything needs to go down the laundry shoot.

TG he is too big or I think he would try to send himself down!!!!
20th-May-2008 02:33 pm - My Roo and his latest funny
Running away throwing arms in air
On Saturday - he wanted to go PLAY! My husband steps out back to check to see how wet the grass is, shutting the sliding glass door behind him, and after three steps hears "click". Hubby turns back and walks back to the door. He attempted to open it. Roo had locked it.

Hubby had his keys.

The phone call I got was "YOUR son!"
21st-Apr-2008 01:00 pm - The Love of a Child
angela me queen of wands
Max spent last night as his grandparent's house. And so, of course, when he came home, I gave him a hug and a big kiss on the cheek.

Right after this, he started marching around the living-room and chanting, "Mommy is gross!"

Little boys are so sweet.
Looking down at a dropped raisin: "Mommy, if it doesn't take long, you can eat it off the floor, right?"
20th-Apr-2008 07:21 pm - He's at it again!
I thought he couldn't top the "Speed Racer" comment this week but I think he may have with this one...

He's been sick with strep - and he's been lethargic and all that goes with it.

I put him to bed last night at 9:15 pm. For the next two hours I hear him bouncing around on his bed, singing, talking and the like. I tell my hub he is doing this and hub didn't believe me until he turned on the monitor and heard him.

At 11 pm I decide enough is enough as his older sibs have been asleep for a while. I go up the stairs and down the hall to his room. All is suddenly quiet.

I opened his door. I hear him throw himself down on his bed and he starts making a fake snoring noise "honk shew, honk shew".

I walk over to his bed, check his diaper, and tell him to knock it off and go to sleep. I cover him up. He is giggling.

After I left the room, I heard no further noise.

But the whole fake snore when he was caught playing two hours after being put to bed was just fantastic.

I didn't laugh until I was back downstairs and I could do so quietly.
17th-Apr-2008 12:43 pm - Go Speed Racer Go!
Clearly my toddler has seen one too many Speed Racer commercials when he says to me from his car seat "Speed Racer, slow down" as I take a curve in the road.
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