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Toddlers Gone Wild
My Presents! 
23rd-Dec-2008 09:52 am
Dancing Lion
Roo is now 3. Over the last few days we have been getting together with family that we wouldn't otherwise see on Christmas day. The kids have been getting their gifts left and right.

My dad and step-mom especially spoil them and they make out like bandits. Unfortunately, to Roo, this means that ALL presents are HIS presents!

It doesn't help that his birthday was only five weeks ago either so that present feeding frenzy is also still fresh in his mind.

I have sat down and wrapped all gifts for our extended family - my sister and BIL and nieces and my mom and other sister and then my INs and a couple of friends we bought for. All of that is around the tree. I have the kids stuff still hidden and will wrap that and put that out Christmas Eve after they have gone to bed.

I'm online reading LJ and posting and reading emails and writing emails and surfing the web and Roo comes in to me and brings me what he proclaims are HIS presents - he has started UNwrapping gifts I had spent hours wrapping. I scream! My husband goes running. Roo freezes with a look of horror upon his face.

Its funny, but its not. I have had to rewrap gifts.

My mom said when he was at her house the other night he tried to unwrap the gift for his brother. He would peel at a corner and she would "at at at" him and he would quit but would stand there looking at it with his hands behind his back and he would rock back and forth and then when he thought she wasn't watching would try to peel more paper off and she would "at at at" him again. They did this dance for most of the time he was over at her house. She was vastly amused. He informed her that every present she had under her tree were "MY Presents." She informed him "I don't think so!"

LOL! Yes, fight with a 3 year old! We do it all the time. :)

Now we must gate him, to his chagrin (?sp) away from the living room and away from the presents. I don't have the big tree up so I can't put it into the middle of one of those large circular gates to keep him away from things. A baby gate in the hall does the trick, it ticks him off, but it does the trick.

And since I bought everything - shouldn't they be MY Presents? ;p LOL!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
23rd-Dec-2008 11:06 pm (UTC)
LOL! Such cuteness at that age! Happy Holidays to you too!
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