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Toddlers Gone Wild
The Roo - Again 
24th-Dec-2008 11:08 pm
Cafe O Lait
Okay, my husband has managed to convince him to stop opening his bedroom door - however, NOW he wants to turn on his bedroom light - repeatedly.

I go in, I turn it off, I scoot him back into bed, I leave. I hear "pound pound pound" of feet and I go up the stairs and see his light is back on. I open his door and find that he has put his dirty laundry basket in front of his door.

My husband said that was an accident.

Once, I can see, after doing this dance repeatedly tonight, and the laundry basket being moved around the room by me and then my return to the room only to have it back in front of the door, no - he is putting it there on purpose to keep me out of the room. Not that it is that full, nor strong enough to keep me out.

*facepalm* This three year old is going to drive me bonkers before Christmas morning!!!

He has finally quit after this repeated dance of ours and me physically picking him up and making him lie down in his bed and covering him up - which caused angst and tears and OH WOE IS HE drama. I told him in a forceful tone he would NOT get up again, he would NOT turn on his light and he would NOT move that basket again.

The cries were loud, the wails of sorrow were - drama drama drama - crocidile tears - sniffle sniffle sniffle - snore. FINALLY!!!!

I just don't have the size and bulk and build of daddy to put the fear of God into them. I'm mom. They all three (11, 9 and 3) just tend to look at me. So for me to have to get to where I picked him up and put him into bed without him putting himself there, I think that threw him off. Which hopefully put the fear of at least MOM into him and kept him in bed.

But talk about wanting to pull your hair out! AAAAAAA Go to bed already!

I know, he's growing up - and I can't stop that - and I know I can't compare him to his older siblings who didn't give me this trouble at this age - no, I had to get a red head the third time didn't I? ;p LOL!!!!!

I love this kiddo - so very much - and this is an experience - it truly is - because as I just said, his siblings did NOT give me this trouble when they were this age.

And people ask if I'm going to have another one - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
25th-Dec-2008 02:21 pm (UTC)
Being a stubborn, fighting red head myself...but having a blonde little girl about the same age as roo...I'm begining to wonder if it isn't less the hair or the genes or the environment or what ever and more the year. It appears kids born in 2006 (and the fingering months surrounding) are little demons.

All that said, I told mine that Santa was in Arizona and they didn't want him to skip the house because two little girls were still up...both were up the stairs and in their beds in seconds...the youngests eyes already heavy when I kissed them good night.
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